Good Vibes Auto Sales sold me a lemon

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I bought a car from Greg at Good Vibes Auto sales in North Hollywood and the transmission went out a week later.I called Greg and told him about my problem and he was very rude and said that was not his problem cause I drove the car off the lot with no problems.

I havent even drove the car for 200 miles and wanted to speak to the owner. I was sad to find out Greg is the owner.

Now Im stuck with a car that I cant drive.Due to California lemon laws Im going to sue him and warn other car buyers about buying cars from Good Vibe Auto Sales

Review about: 2004 Lincoln Ls.


Enon Valley, Pennsylvania, United States #265333

I did not right that last comment.

Be a man. Instead of a coward.


You get what you pay for. If you want a better running car spend more money.

Enon Valley, Pennsylvania, United States #265327

Is this you David Carr? You have to make up lies about me because I exposed your deceptive sales tactics?

Enon Valley, Pennsylvania, United States #265325

The Steve Miller Band is great but I've never sold a car to anybody named Steve Miller.This must be one of my competitors trying to make me look bad.

Nice try.8)

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